Converting to a Greener Energy Efficient Business Environment | Business Technology

As a whole, business owners are pretty uneducated on the magnitude of the conflicting hype regarding technology’s impact on the environment. There are a number of simple ways they can improve energy efficiency and operate their businesses greener with minor changes. There are web sites that provide information about green technology and how to implement it into their existing business surroundings. It is not necessary for a business owner to invest lots of money in new equipment and supplies in order to convert to an energy efficient greener operation.Practices such as swapping incandescent floodlights for compact fluorescent light bulbs, replacing outdated energy guzzling heating and cooling plants, and investing in low power computer terminals are givens. Recommendation to exercise these energy saving methods are promoted regularly. The original cathode tube computer monitors are notorious energy eaters. Replacing them is a quick way to cut energy cost. If that option is not an alternative available to you at this time, turning off all monitors and personal computers not in use will create a significant reduction in energy use.

A few simple techno-green energy efficiency practices any business can implement include; implementing the printing of double sided documents and adopting an electronic document retention strategy for internal documents will cut paper consumption and cost drastically. Or investing in new technology which enables the technicians to diagnose and upgrade the errors within your company computer system over the internet. This will save time, conserve gas, vehicle maintenance, and reduce carbon emissions.Rather than discarding old and unused computer equipment and other devices into your back room or a landfill, contact a technology recovery specialist who resells refurbished equipment and donates unwanted equipment to charitable organizations and schools. Recycle components between systems. When a computer dies and becomes inoperable, that does not mean that all of its components are dead also. There are a number of them that can be switched over to another working unit or can be used to refurbish another inoperable unit. Switching over to a server based terminal only system, eliminates the need for individual cpu’s on each desk which can also drastically reduce energy cost. The initial conversion will be expensive but the reduced cost savings will quickly return the investment.

The Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool, ( provides excellent information about which notebooks, desktops units, and computer monitors are best at meeting the stringent government green guidelines. is another clearing house for helpful information about green technology and converting your business into a greener environment. Visit their websites and discover how a little tinkering here and a few changes there can make your business greener in no time. Even small steps make big environmental differences. Improve your green credentials, institute a green technology clean up plan in your office.

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